Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i fucking hate my job

It really frustrates me when people who have been there less time than me and who don't work nearly as hard get a better schedule than me. So today I went in at 3 to make $42 in five hours. The hostesses share a brain between the ten of them so I wasnt getting sat as much as i should. They decided today to just screw over the 3 and 4 o clock servers. When the 5 o clocks come in, they are to be sat right away, and then the rotation starts back at the top with the threes then the fours, THEN the fives get their second table----AFTER we go through the list and get back to them at the bottom. The hostesses thought they would "catch them up" meaning they were only seating the fives for three rounds. I went over there and gave them hell and theyre telling me to "calm down". NO, YOU SPACY LITTLE FUCK, I WILL NOT CALM DOWN BECAUSE YOUR STUPIDITY IS CAUSING ME TO LOSE MONEY and IM ALREADY TWO MONTHS BEHIND ON SOME OF MY BILLS!! It wouldnt be a big deal if I was 17 like them and had mommy and daddy to pay for everything. Then I wouldn't care so much. But when we are dead and have eight people on, it's impossible to make money. And when a server who JUST GOT THERE has had the same amount of tables as me who came in two hours before them---I GET PISSED!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally a decent night

Saturday totally made up for Friday. I got a decent section so my sales were pretty good. Walked out with 18% of my sales after tipout. I did get stiffed, however. Fucking pricks. I got the dumb bitch her own special salad that she made up by getting one of our signature salads with fifty million modifications. But aparently that wasnt good enough. Oh well... And of course I had the stragglers who come in 30 minutes before close and run me ragged. Ahh- Canadians ;) At least they tipped me 15% on their $100 tab. Honestly I wasnt expecting more than a $5, as is usually the case with that segment of the population, if you get my drift.

Which brings us to today. Fucking boring and lame to say the least. I walked with 17% after tipout but my sales were low even though my legs were telling me otherwise. I just had one of those afternoons where you think your food sales are higher than they actually are. But I picked this shift up, so it's almost like free money, in a sense. But not really, lol. Anyway..........more tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Trying to increase traffic .... any tips??????????

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best and worst

Tonight was extremely uneventful and dead. Best tip was a $15 on $50 and the worst one was a $3 on 30. All the other ones were around 17%. Walked with 15% although I feel my service commands more so I'm a bit irked ---but there's always tomorrow. Until then ........

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How is that right?

Mother's Day was actually better than I had hoped. And way better than any other Sunday for the past few months. I only walked out with 15% of my sales after a 2% tipout, but that's typical for a Sunday which seems to bring out the cheap-asses. And the trash. But whatever, today my gripe is with anther server and the GM. ( go figure, lol ) We were dead when I first got there. Bunch of us were in at 12:30, and at about 1:30 everyone that got there at 12:30 had only had one table each. So we're all bored and wondering why we need eleven servers for this shit, you know-- the usual crap that goes on before we get hit hard with the trash. But one server in particular (CONSTANTLY bitching- you know the type) is being very vocal about the fact she has only one table and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I tune her out. Apparently the GM doesn't tune her out. Constant Bitcher goes to the GM with her concern about the fact that shes been there an hour with one table. YEAH-- ALL THE 12:30 SERVERS HAD ONLY HAD A TABLE EACH!! NOT JUST YOU, BITCHER!!!!!!! So anywho the GM tells the hostess to seat Bitcher the next people that walk in. Skipping over me and another server. Nice, huh? I wound up with more sales than bitcher, so it obviously didn't REALLY matter, but its just the fact that the GM had no regard for the other ten servers on the floor.
As if crying and getting her way wasnt enough-- bitcher needed to show the other servers another example of favoritism by the managers towards her. She got stiffed. You'd think it was her first day or the first time she was stiffed. She was literally almost in tears. Every time I walked past her she was bitching about it. $65 dollar bill, stiffed. It happens. Anyway one manager said he'd buy her dinner cuz he felt bad. His manager card would buy it, not really him. I think it's wrong how she just bitches and complains and gets her way. Bullshit.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What more can I do or say?

To the fat, nerdy black dude who keeps coming in and stiffing me? He has been in twice now, both times stiffing me. He comes in by himself, gets a strawberry lemonade and a steak and a dessert. The first time he came in was Friday at around 4PM. Gave him perfect service. He was my only table, I got him everything he needed and made some small talk about how dead the place was, the weather, his job, etc. Since he was black I wasn't too shocked that he stiffed me. Happens a lot. I also get average and --- rarely--- above average tips from blacks but more often than not I get from 0 to 10% from blacks. I give my best to everybody for the simple fact that you NEVER know. Anyhow, my Friday night started off bad because the table right before him left me $5 on a $55. So thats like $80 worth of food I sold and made 5 bucks off. ANYWAY-- he came in again the very next night and I got lucky enough to get him in my section, at table #13, lol. So in my head I'm going through all these things I can do to get revenge. BUT before I do that I just want to make sure. SO after I took his order, I asked him if everything was OK with my service the day before. He said "Yes, everything was fine." That's when I felt justified to do what I did. I won't say what that was, but lets just say I feel much better and he probably couldn't even taste it!! LMAO!!

But I want some input as to what I can say to such people without pissing them off and them asking for a manager.

Awkward Coments

I got the idea for this post from another server blog. I decided to share a few of mine that I can think of offhand and I 'll add them as I remember them since I'm always saying dumb, awkward shit.

One Friday night, as I'm walking by one of my tables which is occupied by two rather large ladies, they stop me. They point to another server, this old and fat bitchy lady we have. "What's her name?", they asked. Well, there was another server next to her so I wanted to clarify. And I decided to use her weight to do so. "Oh, the bigger lady, you mean?" Very awkward.

Another time an old couple was finished eating and I brought the lady a box. I noticed the guy still had a lot of food on his plate but didnt ask for a box so i figured Id ask him. I said "sir, would you like a box or are you just going to put yours in her box?" lmao.

more to come.......